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Saturday, 5 January 2013


No one reads this blog, but I'm back. I'm planning on using this blog to showcase sims that I make, and put them up for download.

I will be taking requests if anyone's interested. {New Banner will be made tomorrow, this one sucks}

Monday, 24 October 2011

Tessa Carlson, A New Sim.

This is Tessa, the first sim I've finally decided to upload to mediafire. She's very beautiful and I even made a backstory for her!
Okay, so her mother was heavily religious, like, very very heavily. Someone (who must not be named for legal reasons [actually I just cant think of a name]) didn't like this so they murdered her (dun dun DUNNNN), her father was distraught for two years and at 22 after being sick of his mopeyness, Tessa moved to Bridgeport, but sadly she could only afford a grungy apartment.

Born Saleswoman (Ambitions Needed)
Disciplined (World Adventures Needed)
Star Quality ( Late Night Needed)

Physical Perfection (World Adventures Needed)

CC List:
Strawberry Skintone at Garden Of Shadows
Eyeshadow from NY Girl Sims
Eyeliner from emmzx at Mod The Sims (Elegant)
Everyday -
Scarf from Rose Sims (Accessories, Page 12)
Formal -
Hair by Anubis (Original By Peggy)
Dress by Rose Sims (Clothes Page 5)
Athletic -
Outfit by Carrie Sims (Clothing, Everyday, Page 13)
Shoes by Carrie Sims (Shoes and Accessories, Page 3)
Swimwear -
Swimmers by Lorandia

(I dont know where the blush is from, sorry! Other things not included are probably included with the sim.)

(Just copy the file into your 'Downloads' file and install via the launcher.)

Please enjoy her!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just some pictures of my sims. :)

So I've been playing a family called the Steel family. Basically I downloaded a sim called Annalynn Steel, she married Christopher Steel and they had a baby called Tuulikki. (Tuh-lick-ee) I may keep you updated on them but maybe not. So here's just a couple of pictures of them! (And by a couple, I mean THE ultimate picture spam!)

 Christopher and Annalynn. (He proposed right after that)
 Cutting the cake at their wedding. (Which wont work anymore 'cause my generations disk is stuffed.)
 Happeh Birthday Tuulikki! :)
 On a stroll with mumma. (Which again wont work anymore)
 Playing with her imaginary friend.
 How I love to embarrass my sims. XD (mid sneeze)
 Annalynn's new friend, Morgana Wolff.
 Annalynn's birthday!
 She dont look too bad.
There must've been a glitch in the system. O_____O

Thanks for reading! x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Story Blog.

Hey guys, just made a new story blog.

I hope you like it. :)

Im back, baby! :)

Hey there! After my totally negative posting before I left for a while ( personal reasons ) I decided, Hey all I have to do is spice my blog up!

And I know exactly how to do that...

I'm going to put up download links for sims I've made!

Yay! I'm having some issues though, I dont know how I'm going to find every piece of
CC my sims are wearing. But that's cool. :)

See ya x

Friday, 12 August 2011

I feel...


Yanno what? No one's probably even reading my blog right now. This blog isnt going so great, neither is my other one. I try to make them both the best they can be with the time I have!!! 'Better' yet, I made a new youtube video on my account, xborntogamex about my new series of 'Sims Next Top Model' (Please go watch it), but I need other simmers models, NOBODY has shown any interest what-so-ever.

If you read this, PLEASE comment on it so I know that some people are loyal. Please?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Oh, come on!

Anyone remember the post about my legacy blog? Yeah well... its up. Actually its been up for a loooooong time...

I have TWO followers. TWO. I thought, "Hey, some people read this, right?" So I wanted to let readers know, I NEED MORE READERS. Please, please, please. I work so hard on it but no one reads it. Here is the link;

I look forward to seeing you there, please leave comments on there follow it, please.

ILY bai x